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Traveling with a Hearing Loss
ABLE NEWS May 08 Traveling with a Hearing Loss was Topic of Meeting Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)-Manhattan Chapter recently held a travel program at their monthly meeting at League for the Hard of Hearing at 50 Broadway, Manhattan.The program, “Traveling with a Hearing Loss: How to make sure your needs are met when you travel so you can raise your enjoyment quotient” was presented by Ruth Bernstein. Ruth Bernstein is Co-Coordinator and Travel Chair-person of Advocates for Better Communication (a.b.c.), a volunteer consumer group allied with the League for the Hard of Hearing. She is also a member of HLAA-Manhattan Chapter.Bernstein shared several tips for travelers with hearing loss including what to take with you and communication strategies she has used successfully for many years.""How can you make sure your needs are met when you travel? Prepare before hand. Tell everyone involved in arranging your trip you are hard of hearing/deaf, including the travel agent, ticket clerk, airlines, group coordinator or cruise ship operator. Hotels and tour operators need time to prepare. “Most people with hearing loss who travel do not request Assistive Listening and Alerting Devices because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves or don’t know the equipment exists and how helpful it can be," Bernstein said.HLAA always provides Assistive listening help is provided at their meetings through live CART captioning and a room loop for those whose hearing aids have a T-coil.  FM headsets are also available. For information about HLAA email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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